Saturday, May 21, 2011

A giveaway to celebrate......

This is my 201 posting and a cause to celebrate!
First I want to show you my 9th finished UFO so far this year. Somehow I didn't thing it was good enough for a show so it became a UFO. I still have more UFO's waiting to be finished :) This one is being quilted right now but it still have more quilting to be done on it. Then I'm going to add a few scary figures, appliqued in the border. This star quilt is hand pieced, hand quilted in the stars and machine quilted in the latice and borders. Who cares if there's a mix? I don't :) 
So here's the task for you: Can you find and name the odd one out? Let me give you a clue: it has something to do with the fabric used. Can you see it? When you think you have found it, then let me know by leaving a comment. It has to have your name in it and some direction for me to contact you. I would like to see how you have spread the word about this celecration as well.

This is the first prize. A pattern for a doll's quilt with three suitable fabrics. The fabric is not repro fabric.

This is the second prize.
These three fabrics are Civil War fabric and I think they look lovely together.
This give away will close on June 12. That will give you enough time to find the correct answer and spread the word.


  1. Anonymous3:08 pm

    1-C the green cheese - my name - has green and stripes that go the opposite way as the rest....

    Really I read 9 UFO done this year and knew I had to write and say WELL DONE .....

  2. Flott stjerneteppe i duse farver.

  3. Mit bud vil være blokken C1, hvor du har anvendt grønt stof i blokken. Det har du kun gjort i denne ene blok (efter hvad jeg kan se).

  4. I think it's C1 as there is green in the block and not in any of the other ones! I love your quilt, nothing beats a star quilt!


  5. C1 as there is green in the block and none of the others. I love your star quilt!

    Sara in Nebraska

  6. The block in the upper right corner, as the fussy-cut stripe[?] in the fabric is tilted opposite direction of the other blocks finished the same way.
    A challenge is a very nice idea. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous12:07 pm

    C1 is the odd star out- the green fabric is the only fabric to be used once in the quilt. I have spread the word about your celebration to my quilty friends by email.Congrats on so many posts.

  8. C-1 is different. I really like your quilt.

  9. I'm thinking the block is C1 also because neither of the fabrics are used elsewhere in the quilt and it seems that all the other fabrics are repeated at least once. Love the Lemoyne star by the way.

  10. I agree its C-1 at first I thought it was the dark star but on closer look - its C-1. Love the look of the quilt - what figures are you putting on it. Janet from Cyber quilters

  11. I think it is C-1. It looks like it has a limey green piece of fabric in it and the the different strip fabic. I am spreading the word by mouth and I hope everyone will come have a look.

  12. I would have to agree - C-1 I think is the one! Wish I had completed that many UFO's - you are going great!!


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