Monday, June 13, 2011

My cats

Our black cat, Prince , disappeared a year ago. We searched for him but couldn´t find him anywhere. Then a picture in the newspaper caught my eye. Buskerud SPCA got him! We finally brought him home again a week ago. Our white cat, Dutchesse, is very interested to get to know him all over again :) Take a look at these pictures.........

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  1. I'm so glad that Prince is back home again safe and sound after so long. It's amazing that you found him; it must have been meant to be.

  2. Fabulous that you were keeping an eye out for Prince! Don't you just love a happy ending? BTW, my all white cat is named Dutch. Dutchesse has such lovely eyes!

  3. Anonymous8:05 pm

    So how does one know a black cat is theirs? What did Prince say he was doing all this time???

    So does your cat have blue or yellow eyes?? or contacts??? amazing picture...

    commenting as anonyomous as blogger will not let me comment with out a blog and I dont WANT a blog....:-)

  4. How does one know? Well, it's all those small signs. Ours had a few white hairs on his chest as did this one. It's the way he turns his head, wag his tail.... and so on. Dutchesse does have one blue and one green/yellow eye. Pretty cool, he? :) When it comes to commenting you are able to give your name as an identity without starting a blog on your own :)

  5. I am very happy that you have Prince back home!
    We used to have a white cat that had one green eye and one blue eye.
    Lovely photographs!


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