Monday, July 18, 2011

Inklingo is fun but...........

......not with two cats around. Dutchesse is not quite good friends with Prince just yet. She sits on the sofa and stears at him. Without any warning she charges towards him. Too often she uses my table as well, as she did yesterday. This is the result. Everything is on the floor. Just a few moments before I had removed my coffe cup. Did I now something would happen? Maybe, because they broke a bowl in the same kind of attack. As you can see I was working with a hand piecing project.

This is one of Linda Franz's Yin Yang shape. The block will be 6 inch finished. I have prepared fabric for 24 blocks so I still have 23 more to make.My plan is to use them in a quilt where I need something that looks like water and waves. This is going to do it.

I bought a small compact digital camera a few years ago but I still don't know all the modes I can use yet. So I'm taking a lot of pictures to test it. Here I was testing how to take very close up pictures.

I'm also testing my eye for things to take pictures of. These two don't look so bad. Now I need to expand a little more.


  1. How beautiful. *karendianne.

  2. Nice Yin Yang block! It will really make sense with the Ocean theme, it looks like waves rolling in!
    Sara in NE


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