Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm amazed.......

First of all I'm amazed that you understand what I'm trying to say each time I post something on my blog :)
The second thing that amazes me are cats and how they can sleep when ever, where ever, how ever:

Nothing special about this, just sleeping on the edge of the back of the sofa.

But when I move a bit to take another picture I just wonder how she can still be sleeping in that posision!

Now you can see how close she actually is to not be sleeping on the back of the sofa for much longer :)


  1. Katter er snedige sånn ;-)

  2. Herlig kattepus. Tusen takk for quiltetipset. Skal prøve å gå opp en størrelse på nålen og prøve da. Jeg kan ikke stille farten på symaskinen uten å tråkke på foten, dessverre.


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