Monday, August 08, 2011

When you're down, do something ...........

For the moment my future looks a little bit too uncertain for my liking. I try not to be put down by it but it's not an easy task.

Looking at a bland wall like this doesn't help either. So I decided to finally put up the wall paper I bought in February this year. I only planned to do one wall to hide what my two cats had done with their claws.
Here I'm almost done with the last wall. The colour on the wall paper looks a little strange but that's because it is still wet.
This is how it looks like when dry and finished. The curtains are a year old but they fit in perfectly.

The trend setters think that red is going to be a hit this fall. What do you know, I'm ahead of the trends! Not bad :)
This quilt on the wall is my first project as a Dear Jane Secret Pal. It was back in 2001. Can you believe it's been 10 years? :) I made blocks for me and sent each block as a BOM for my Pal. So she has one exactly like this one.
Even my pack of a French General Layer Cake is going to fir in! I want to make a simple lap quilt that I can use all the time. I'm just waiting for that extra fabric I ordered for the borders. As you can see I have som light blue blankets on my white sofas. That's because I have two cats: one white and one black. My sofas wouldn't have that white clean look for long if I left the sofas unprotected. I think I'm going to find some quilts I can use instead. It's just going to look nicer.
But since I live with an open plan in my flat I felt the need to do something with the kitchen as well. I just bought a roll of wall paper made for bathrooms, looking like tiles. Less work and not that expencive.
You can see how the kitchen and living room meet at this counter.
All I have to do now it to figure out how to rearrange the furniture. THAT is not as easy as you might think with a limited space.I still have two more rooms to clean from top to bottom and rearrange.
This won't bring me money but it is bringing me joy.
I am pleased with the result so far.
And I still have my doll house to finish as well :)


  1. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Så lekkert du har fått det! Farven i stuen falt riktig i min smak - varm og glad. Skikkelig flink er du! :-) Hilsen Otlo

  2. Det ser meget hyggeligt ud :-)

  3. hi Wenche,
    glad you found something to do, what brightened your day (and mood?)
    best wishes, I'm sending positive thoughts your way
    Brigitte from Germany


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