Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Am I a She or a He?

This cat is oohh soo cuuute :) For some reason my daughter told me it was a She when she brought it home. So until today I thought it was a She. I headed off to the vet to get her sterilized. I felt odd leaving the cat, so when the vet assistent called three hours later and asked me if I knew She was a He, I said No. No wonder I felt odd. If I knew that I would have done something about it long ago, like changing the name. Therefore Duchess died today and Duke was born (not the cat). I like the new name.
With a Prince and a Duke at my house, I have to be the Queen :) We are the royal family.......


  1. What a pretty cat and a cute story.

  2. Anonymous5:15 am

    You are a hoot! I had a "Misty" as a kid until the vet said - cat is alleric to milk and is a HE ,,, so Mister came home from the vet ..... Love the royal Queen.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I think there are a lot of similar stories out there. Deciding the sex on a cat is not an easy thing to do obviously :)

    Wenche M


  4. We got a cat as a too-young kitten, and thought it was a "she" -- Maggie. Turned out it was a "he", but at that point, "he" remained Maggie!


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