Saturday, October 15, 2011

My French General top is done

Drammen city
This is how you might find Drammen city centre from the train station on a beautiful sunny day in July.
Remember I told you about my French General project in this post:
It is finally ready to be quilted:
My living room floor isn't big enough for a good picture of this top so I used my sofa. Still not easy to get a good picture. I used a layer cake package of French General fabric for the blocks. I managed to make 30  8 inch blocks.
Then I added the muslin. It's a bit lighter than the lightes FG fabric but I think it makes the 30 blocks pop out. I think I used about 2 yards of that but I didn't measure the total yardage for this, I just made the cuts.
For the borders I had 3 yards of fabric. I cut it into stripes and sew them back together again to get a more interesting border. Of course I ran out of fabric and had to use my imagination to get the border I had planned in the first place. So I had to add some scraps to make the final lengths. I think this added something to the top.
And I mitered the corners. Wouldn't be the same if I had used squares here. The corners are not perfect but good enough :)
Here are the final leftovers and these pieces have to find their way to my scrap basket for the time being. I might use them or I might just throw them away. I need to think about it before I do something I might regret later on.
The light band around the blocks would be perfect for some applique or fancy quilting. I don't know yet.
But look how good this quilt looks in my "new" red living room and I did it without any planning at all!


  1. Anonymous2:41 pm

    You did GREAT.... the quilt is lovely, the story fun..... and SAVE those scraps..... you will find an applicate or special block to make with them one day.

  2. Teppet er flott, og rammen rundt satte prikken over i-en. Lekre stoffer.

  3. Så fint det ble! Helt enig med Lappedamen; ramma rundt 'did it'! Ikke kast restene, du vil angre seinere! :)


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