Monday, November 28, 2011


.... comes from everywhere these days.
I bought this cabinet real cheap off the net. Just the kind I wanted but could afford earlier. I knew I had to do something about the colour since pine colour never was one of my favorites. So I got out the sanding paper, paint and brushes. 

It's slow and I have to clean up the glas but I'm getting there. 

I'm thinking about making it a bit shabby chick since the paint won't stick as well as I hoped it would. The reason might be my poor preparation, I don't know.

 I bought a really cheap mirror as well at a thrift store and added some decorative molding. That black or dark piece is something I picked up from the floor when walking home from my shopping. It must have been a part of and old furniture at one time. 

I cut the decorative molding in correct lengths and glued it in place. Quilting books are really a good thing when you want to weigh something down while the glue dries. And the dictionary as well. Couldn't have done this with ebooks or a Kindle/iPad :)

Everything is glued down and ready for some paint.

That black old piece looks good when painted and a bit distressed. I found out that the ornament is actualle a piece of metal and it was nailed down with some really old nails. Wonder what is is and where it came from............ 

Here the mirror is hanging right opposite the stairs and it shows. It's not that easy to take good pictures of a mirror without having different unwanted objects reflected in the mirror. I'm very pleased with the result.
 I did find some time to make blocks as well:
This block is called Wheel of Fortune and I didn't make it the way it should have been done. The final result isn't that bad and I'm going to keep it. I just have to use the Thimbleberries fabric I have stored in my drawers.

Making blocks was going so well that I didn't realize my mistake until it was done. When you are making blocks or what ever, if you have a really good feeling about it...... it might be that you are making more mistakes than you realize :) 

This is the way it was supposed to look in the first place. Getting used to frogstitching by now after 14 years of practise. I had some left over hour glass blocks and added those instead of a clean, green square. Made the block quite interesting. The original name of the block is Odd Scraps Patchwork and I found it in the EQ7 design program. Just love it.

No post without a picture of the white cat. Am still having problems with the naming


  1. I am not sure if you heard of this one yet and it could be generic but how about Casper the White Kitty...BTW she is a stunning kitty love that tail
    You are much like me there is lots of things you can find and redo that look and hold better than new. Excellent refurbishing! love your distressing.

  2. Anonymous2:34 am

    Catching up on posts just in time....the mirror picture is cool! Would make a great note card or some such....

  3. Great idea, Mimi. I will experiment on that picture to see what I can do with it :)


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