Friday, November 11, 2011

When you're looking for something............

I want to make my daughter a quilt. So I went for my scrap bag and found some leftovers from the Safe Haven quilt by Thimbleberries. Who else found something interesting?
I know I have fun with my fabric, ideas and leftovers, but the cat? :) Anyway, I found something more:
Four quite Christmassy log cabin blocks and one strip of suitable red and a gold strip with red roses and gold print on it. Both these two atripes are too short so I will have to come up with a way to combine them. When I do I have a small table topper or a candle mat. Not a bad find :) They where leftovers from a quilt I made with log cabin blocks. All from my scrap bag.

I found this lamp on sale the other day as well, only $36. I put it up myself and found it was very easy to do.

 I sure got a better light in my sewing space now. I see I need to do something about the arrangement of the space though..... :) But it is so much easier to look for things in the late afternoon now that I have better lighting. Makes me wonder why I didn't do it earlier. Oh well, it's done now :)

This is how my fall candles looked like on Sunday afternoon. Messy and not much more to burn.  I threw it all away after I blew out the flames. Needed to clean up the candle mat as well. Burning these candles didn't hurt at all. I must have been ready to let go of these candles for a longer time than I realised. :)

I hope to find more treasures in the near future :)

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