Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming....

...... and for the first time I'm having trouble with this post. Blogger is playing up again. Oh well......
.......... here is a picture of the finished cabinet. All white except from the shelves, I kept those unpainted. I changed the knobs as well and I think it looks quite good :) And so roomy too.
This year I decided to decorate my Christmas tree a bit earlier than I'm used to. This year I bought a fake fir tree because it was the cheapest option, and it's less fuz when it's time to put Christmas away again. I hate finding those tiny green needles in late June.
Didn't use any extra light when I took this picture and the cat has joined me :)
This Christmas star is about 35 years old but still going strong.

But I do take some breaks from baking, decorating, washing, dusting and make some blocks for a Red & White project with the other ladies over at the Jo Morton Stitchers group
Since I'm using Jo's line of fabric, it's not going to be bright red and white. This callenge is due February 2012 so I have plenty of time, I think.
As usual I don't have a clear plan or a pattern but it will come to me as I make blocks. So far I have these three and they are 4 1/2 inch unfinished. The finished quilt is not to be more than 19 inch on either side.
I have a couple of other projects going as well but those I can't show you any pictures of due to the rules. But after the show I will give you pictures :)


  1. Anonymous3:47 am

    Cabinet is great and having a picture with it light on stuff will be a good reminder..... interesting to see it a year from now.

    LOVE the Christmas mouse......

  2. Skapet ditt ble veldig lekkert! Det skal så lite til for å gjøre det koselig. Så søt julemus! Fine blokker du har sydd også.

  3. Så lekre Dj-blokker i rødt!


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