Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Christmas UFO

I know I said I was going to paint some more but then I just had to finish this UFO.
A year ago I spent some wonderful days with Luti Wright at Houston Quilt Festival. Since it's quite a few hours that I spent traveling, I needed something to do. I took this piece of Redwork with me. I finished it on the plane back home to Norway. And that was it.
I never quite forgot about this small wall hanging but always thought there was time enough to finish it. Luti even gave me some red and white fabric for me to finish it. Well, I didn't in 2010 as planned but I did it today. I almost ran out of time once again :)
I know it's a red wall hanging against a red wall but it's not that bad. I like my little Christmas corner. Now I will move on with the painting :)


  1. Det ser rigtig fint ud op mod den røde væg. Dejligt at få en UFO færdig.

  2. Hi... I love the finished UFO.. It is too funny, but I finished mine as well and it is the same red work "Christmas Eve"... Hugs :)

  3. I like the redwork Santa. I did one earlier this year but have not turned it into a quilt. Actually, there are eleven more Santas in the set that need the embroidery done.

  4. I love your Santa in redwork! Nice job, it's always nice to get a UFO off of that list!


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