Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It´s not fair........

...... that I only show you pictures of Duke.
Here´s a couple of Prince as well.
He´s just as much a royalty as Duke. Just look at his beautiful face :) I still find it hard to believe he survived a year out on his own before he was helped by SPCA here in Drammen. I´m so happy he´s home again. He now follows me around like a dog when we are outside. If I make any moves that indikate I want to pick him up and bring him inside, he runs past me like a greece lightning - sits down - looks at me and does the same run. He makes me laugh. Duke makes me laugh. I love my cats :))


  1. Hi, Duke.
    You are one lucky boy to get to live in a home with fabric. I prefer lace myself, but I sometimes borrow Mom's half-finished blocks!


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