Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A photo competition

This is mostly for my Norwegian speaking friends. I decided to participate with this picture of Duke.

Dette bildet er med i en fotokonkurranse hos Øyeblikk - http://www.oyeblikk.net/
The theme is Love. Don´t you think he fits right in?  Click the picture to get a bigger image. He looks better then :)

If you want to see more beautiful pictures, click on the logo below:

But everything is in Norwegian.


  1. Wenche !! Was just thinking of you this week... Gather you have not been sewing much... Duke is a dude and good to hear from you.

  2. Nydelig katt og utrulig tøft med et blått og et brunt øye :)
    Klem Tove

  3. koselig bilde ;)


  4. Nydelig katt...

    Lykke til...

    Britt Kristin


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