Saturday, February 16, 2013


At this time each year I try to finish some UFOs. Usually they are about quilting only, like these place mats. I got the pattern from a magazine waayyy back in 2008. Sounds likr a long time doesn't it? We quilters tend to think that even a few months is a long time....

Since I started to quilt I finished off all my knitting projects or gave them away. Suddenly they turned up again. This is a girl's dress and cap that I made instead of what I started with. I couldn't get myself to like what I had, so instead of getting rid of everything I just started over completely and had no leftovers :) But I don't have baby's anymore, not even a grandchild Who would want to buy?

 This is also something that ended up as something else than first planned. I'm still thinking about stiching the two ends together like tubes........... I could get a shrug instead of a shawl. As I said: still thinking about it. Wonder why it is so difficult to make certain decisions from time to time.......

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