Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not really quilting.........

.........but still it's all about fabric.....

Rose's lunch dress
I bought this green set in 2004, and the lace I have collected over the last year from eBay.
Cutting out the parts of the bodice from this Butterick pattern:
But no matter how hard I tried it just wouldn't fit me in the right way.

So I turned to this Danielle (Burda Style) pattern again. It worked well for me the last time I used it. If you ignore the fact that the dress turned out a number too big ;)


Here's the skirt parts.....

.....and adding the lace. The lace is quite loose so I had to be careful using the sewing machine.

Deciding on the lace. The arms were some leftovers and sewn all by hand. The sewing machine would have ruined it.

Time to stitch the lace in place :)

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