Saturday, August 24, 2013

On with the next project.......


Ladies suit from the 30's. I don't expect to get a  silhouette like this but I think the suit is quite elegant.

Sooo.......I was looking for some fabric I know I had that would fit this outfit just right. But  no matter how high or low I looked I couldn't find it :(
Then I picked something else. This was just enough for the skirt. A brownish grey thin synthetic (don't know what kind) fabric with as good as no stretch to either side, doesn't crease easilly and I have had it in my closet for at least 7 years. I always intended to use it for a skirt but never found the "right" pattern. It would never have found a way into any of my quilting. I'm glad for that now but it is still a silly argument for not using what you have...

Not much left over after cutting out all the necessary parts. Since the seam allowance is rather big I didn't have to add much to get it to fit me. Besides, I'm down sizing....2 sizes this far :)

It's going to look great don't you think?
I hope to get back to all my quilting fabric and ideas before Christmas :)

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