Monday, December 16, 2013

Visit your trash........

.........from time to time. You will never know what you might find. I found some big and a lot of small pieces of fabric.....

They became a handy bag for my small knitting project or crochet projects. Now I can find it more easily than I used to :)
But sometimes odd balls of yarn find it's way to the bin. Just because I absolutely just don't know what to make out of it. This time the idea came rather quick and easily to me.....

A small handbag. The body is knitted and the sides and handles re done in crochet and cotton. Of course it's lined with cotton fabric and has two pockets. I really like it :)

And here is the star prize:
Some one else was throwing these away. I don't know how many spools there are or if they are all full but I don't care. This is good quality cotton thread, you just do not throw things like that away?? I must have looked stupid when I ducked down in the trash to pick these up. But they are all clean and ready to be used. Suits my wallet just fine :)

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