Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 ...and UFOs

Happy NEW year everyone!

For an unknown number of years ago i bought this Tilda Vintage Angel kit. I wanted to make it right away, but.....
Anyway.... I finally started on the angel (sorry for the bad picture) . After I cut out the wings, I changed my mind and made them white instead

Still going to look just right.

I didn't care too much for the dark fabric intended for the skin, so I reused the fabric from the wings.

The instructions are rather smart. Instead of cutting out the pieces and then stich them together, you sew around each item, add the seam allowance, and then you cut  out each  piece . 

Like this.

The pieces are rather thin and a bit difficult to stuff with the filling, so I turned in small steps at the time and added the filling as I went. It all went quite easy that way.

Almost done.

Here she is waiting for the finishing touches.

Ta da........done. I'm pleased.
The first UFO of the year done and there are still some time left of the holidays to enjoy her before i have to put her away until next time :)

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