Monday, February 03, 2014

1814 Norway

This year it is 200 years since Norway got its  National Constitution, and of course there's going to be some celebrations going on all year. I'm aiming for 17th of May since that is the day we celebrate every year.

So, since I have 6 yards of this lovely sheer fabric, i though why not use it?

There's a lot of ideas flowing around......

......of period dresses from 1814.......

...with checker fabric used. While I'm deciding what to make ......

......I started with the regency underthings like short stays and a chemise.

I got my hands on a lovely curtain really cheap and decided on a regency bonnet and a Spencer (really short jacket).

The curtain cost me 3 US$. I allready had the ribbon in my stash. The "straw" part is from my Edwardian hat that I ripped apart and did over. Most "straw" hats these days are made of paper looking like straw, just to make them cheap enough for us to bother to buy them :D

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