Friday, May 16, 2014 I come

The dress is done.  
The back......

...and the front. It is a cross-over front bib-style. If you know what I mean Each crossover part is buttoned up to each side. First I put it on with the arms and bodice. Tie the knot in front. Then I tie the front band to the back. This makes the dress a lot easier to put on without any help :)

This is the back of the petticoat from behind. I went for a bodiceless petticoat. To me it was the easiest solution. It is corded at the bottom with a few rows.


To the front. Here you can see that I pleated instead of gathering. 

A closer look at the back. Without the chemisse and short stay though :)
I'm really looking forward to use this on 17th May and 1st June. The only two event that I can use this outfit for without looking strange ;) I just have to iron it a bit before I walk out the door....

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