Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer pants....

I really needed something else than jeans and shorts during our hot summer days in Norway. And I have had this white thin fabric hanging around for at least ten years (!) and wanted to make something out of it.

I bought this pattern a while back as well. The trousers looked just right so I went for it.
The fabcis is striped and a bir sheer....but I don't care as long as I wear the right underthings ;) But I have to make some new ones, more fitted to the style of the 40's.

Not only a bit see-through but a bit wimsy as well. It wouldn't lie still unless I used a lot of pinning. This is from the left side......

...... more of the front.

I had to show you the behind as well. Not often one sees pictures of the behind. Not quite perfect, almost a size too big (!) but absolutely woderful to wear. Of course did Hunter look on as I took my pictures. He's alwas keeping an eye on everything I do ;)
I do have "a few" more yards of fabric to put into good use, so..... Se you later :)

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  1. Nice job - and I think they are perfectly elegant!


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