Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm knitting....

.... while waiting for the quilting bug to once more find a home in my stash. Too much is going on in my life and my energy levels are way down in the basement. It's hard enough to knit. But I realised something: My loved ones are getting older too. I'm running out of time actually.
This is going to be a knitted jacket for my x mother in law. We are still friends and want to stay friends to the end :D  She is 86 and her husband is 89 years. The name of the pattern is "Vanjas Varme Kofte". I only use wool when knitting this kind of jackets or sweaters ....... I made a midium knitting bag from scraps a while back suitable for projects like this.......

Dutchess ...... sleeping.....I love that cat :D

Here's my eldest son with his wife and their daughter. This is a picture of her 1 year birthday party :D

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