Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello (fill in) ..... I'm back!

Well.....more or less ....

 For my x mother in law (and good friend)
Front without buttons .... for now.

Back view. Not bad. Haven't knitted pattern like this for years so I'm pleased with what I see. I won't give it away just yet. I have one more to make:

This is a jacket for my x father in law (and good friend). He needs something warm as well. And he likes read. 

This is the reason I feel like I have returned to stitching. It's a Baltimore block from one of E.S. many books about BAQs, Beyond Baltimore. It appears in a BAQ named Rememberance II by Jane Sheridan. The name of the block is Family pets.

See? My two favorite animals: cats and collies. I'm also very pleased that I found and learned about the back basting technique. It makes things SOO much easier.

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