Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still knitting....

.... since I have to find me a new home to live in by the end of June. I don't like it. So I have put away all my quilting for now. I still have my sewing machine on the table though along with my knitting needles.
This is a new technique to me: knitting from the top down. At this point not too difficult to handle.

But at this point I'm not a big fan. It was rather a lot to handle when knitting the arms, and the last one.....

But it turned out just fine in the end. It was rather easy to knit this way as well. I made this out of different but yet similare yarn types when it comes to tension and needle size. A good way to stretch a yarn budget and use up leftovers. 

The back. In the pictures this jacket still needs a good press and buttons, but that's fixed now.

Soo.... I had to start on a new jacket, this time for my eldest son. He had his birthday in April and was told about this gift. He was also told that he had to wait for it to be finished. :D

and of course I have to show you my "boyfriend" Hunter .... again :D

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  1. Beautiful sweater! I admire your knitting skills! Hunter is adorable, also.


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